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2 years ago

Check Sums on Bank account and IRD numbers

I have a client who has just started with MYOB Business. Currently has 45 employees - growing each week. She is very frustrated that there is no indication in the software that the IRD number or the bank account number given by the new employee is incorrect until she either goes to upload the bank file or upload the pay to the IRD. The only solution given by MYOB is to reset the payroll. Fix the employ and redo the whole payroll. This is unacceptable from a time and cost point of view. Surely there should be a facility to unfinalise a pay, make the required changes without redoing the Whole payrun. This features are available in other MYOB products. Why is this backward step being used on this product? My client is ready to change payrolls. I completely understand her frustration. Can you please address these issues with urgency.
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