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7 years ago

Contacts: Automatically add spaces to ABN

It would be very helpful if the ABN in Create New Contacts was set out with spaces so when copy & paste is used it's not rejected.




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    Currently entering ABN without space works
    ie 57071987000 


    But if your copy paste or type has spaces it fails

    ie 57 071 987 000

    Please allow ABN in Create New Contacts to allow optional spaces between numbers also
    ie for copy & pasting

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will automatically add in the spaces when adding in an ABN to a Supplier contact's card.

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    4 Years for the programmers to add this simple feature.

    I hope JoSanders has not retired yet to finally see their feature request implimented.


    It gives me hope for my 3 year old simple requests will be done in a MYOB "timely" manner within the next year then.


    Fingers crossed


    p.s MYOB please lift your game. Your software is in dire need of programmer time to fix your LONG term bugs and add the simple user requests to make our accounting tasks easier (they are not hard to program honestly).