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10 years ago

Create bill: GST only transaction

Currently there is no way to put importation GST into the system's expense as pure GST, I spoke to several operators, and the answer i've been getting is to create 1 line with GST and deducting the same amount in the next line GST free.  I know the end result would be the same, but wouldn't it be easier to just have a tax type of pure GST?


The invoice I'm trying to input is called the "Australian Customs Entry for Home Consumption" I'm sure there is other importers out there who faces the same issue trying to input this expense.


Please see if you can adjust the tax type to have a new tax type.


Thanks Jeffery Ma


Ausilk Pty Ltd


"Importation GST"


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    Thanks for the great suggestion. It is true that deferred GST on overseas purchases can't be easily added to a purchase and requires you to create two lines for the full amount (a positive line including with GST and a negative line without).

    It would certainly be simpler if a 'pure GST' or 'import GST' tax code could be created so that the software can handle importation GST more easily. Anyone who would like to see this, please cast your vote here.

  • I am also struggling with this same issue,  as a sole importer its one of the things that makes me want to change away from myob sometimes

  • Hi, 

    Now I know you have a work around for the treatment of 100% GST, but what I'd like to acutally see the 100% GST on import function actually works.  

    It'd be great to just code the transactions, select 100% GST on import and be done with it.  No mucking around entering multiple lines, chosing GST at current rates, then entering a reversing line GST exempt and having to gross up the transaction etc etc.

    Why have the option to select 100% GST on import, if it doesn't work?  

    Love so much about MYOB Essentials and regularly recommend it, this would just make it all the more user friendly. 




  • Totally agree, especially when the system gives  an option to select 100% and then doesn't work properly.



  • Its been almost 20 months since i initially raised this issue, but MYOB is slow at making changes to their system, they have 0% GST,  10% GST and several other Tax options, how hard is it to add an 100% GST for importers?

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    I'm trying to use the 100% GST option for the first time and it keeps halving the amount I've entered to calculate the GST content. It's got me confused..

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    MYOB Essentials only allows you to assign GST amounts UP TO 10% for spending.

    Unfortunately, since July, eBay now often sends 2 seperate bills when overseas products bought:

    * 1st Debit is for Item amount (GST free)

    * 2nd Debit s for Australian Law GST amount (ie 10% of above price)


    Essentials allows entry of 1st Debit amount as "GST FREE" = Good

    Essentials currently does NOT entry of 2st Debit amount as no "100% GST" = Bad

    Instead current work around is a doing a long 5 minute "Spend Money" complicated entry workaround then assigning that to the Bank Feed

    (With GST catagory the most you can assign of an amount is 10% with nomanual override)


    Also Import Tax and Duty payments suffer the same issue that they cannot be entered cleanly into Essentials as GST tax amount is > 10% also 


    Please add a manual override to higher than 10% (with suitable warning ok)

  •  I wish to enter GST when a freight company charges the full amount of GST as a lump sum for imports that have been purchased.

    I can do it in AccountRight but not Essentials. I can't add a tax code or chage the amount of GST .

    Does anyone know how to process this in MYOB Essentials?