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5 years ago

Create journal entry: Add attachment

We'd like to be able to attach receipts to general journal entries for Directors who make purchases with their own personal credit cards. Right now we just leave them in the intray as a storage mechanism.


"Attach Receipts to General Journal Entries"


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    Thank you for your suggestion regarding the Journal entry feature to be able to attach receipts to General journal entries. Your ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated. We'll relay your idea/feedback to the relevant team.

  • I agree with the concept as I have just started a new company and I have over 30 payments for machinery and stock which I paid for but there is nowhere to attach supporting documents to the manual Journal Entries I have created. I have the issue of keeping the physical documents which defeats the push for a paperless office.

  • Hope somebody from MYOB can finally hear us out on this request. It is so frustrating that we have to keep documents offline to support our General Journal entries.

  • Definitely need the option to add documents as attachments to manual journal entries to create an appropriate audit trail. Please address this issue urgently as there is widespread need for the facility both AccountRight and Essentails.

  • Hi Cortex 


    I agree 100% that you should be able to attache documents to General Journal entries.  The feature of being able to attache a document to a transaction is only baked by MYOB.


    However, on another note, When I have the situation where some one has paid expenses from their personal account, I create a spend money transaction to Petty Cash and attache the document there.  You can then clear the Petty Cash account at the end of each month/quarter/year (which ever is appropriate) by creating a receive money transaction to Petty Cash allocating it to Funds Contributed or Director's loan, which ever is appropriate for the business entity.


    Hope that helps,



  • I'd like to see any type of attachment to support manual journals, be it actual documents, or just a record of a request, an authorising instruction / approval of the adjustment.