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4 years ago

Create supplier payments: Disable remittance advice (enable when required)

I appreciate the addition of remittance advices to MYOB Essentials, however in some circumstance clients do not wish to utilise this feature. Please include a "turn off" setting within client files so that clients not using the feature do not have to untick the box EVERY time they pay a bill.


"Turn off remittance advice"


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    can I ask where is the remittance advice option in MYOB ESSENTIALS? I can't find it

  • I agree this feature would be beneficial. We pay COD for all our suppliers so remittances are not required and it is cumbersome to deselect send remittance every time we record a payment. A simple check box in the client file would be useful.

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    if you could just add a toggle box in a defaults setup then we could choose if we want it on or off thank you