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11 years ago

Employees: Ability to set a default extra (PAYG) tax amount

I have an employee that wants to have an extra $10 of tax withheld from his pay each week. The ATO form has an option for tax to be withheld at a particular percentage, or for tax to be increased by a fixed amount.  The Support chat line clarified that LiveAccounts currently only supports the percentage option. We will need to vary the tax withheld each week manually.,


I would like to see an enhancement to allow for the increased withholding by a fixed amount. This would seem fairly straightforward and would make weekly payroll simpler for us.





"Withholding Variation - Fixed Amount"


  • Please add the function in the TAX Tab in payroll to enter an amount for an employee to have EXTRA tax taken out each week.


    Accountants request business owners to do this regualarly  &


    Employees ask my clients to do it very regularly so just like EDGE, Account Right and previous versions


    ADD the feature.



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      It would be helpfull in Essentials Payroll to be able to preset extra PAYG withholding for an employee if they request an additional amount to be withheld each pay. 

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      I think it is sad that this was possible in earlier versions. Software should never go 'backwards' in it's features. Especially when they are a very common business practices such as taking extra PAYG tax .

  • when updating software next, is it possible to add in a deduction/box in tax where an employee can pay an extra $ each pay in tax and be processed with the tax each month/yearly etc.

  • I would like to see an Extra Tax field option available in MYOB Essentials (just like AccountRight version) instead of having to manually increase the PAYG Tax each pay.

  • I agree it should have been added to the new Pay Items option where additional deductions and earnings can be made.

  • abilty to withhold extra PAYG tax for an employee in myob essentials in the tax set up

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    If an employee requests extra tax payments I would like to enter this as an automatic deduction

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Default extra PAYG tax amounts can be added for an employee within MYOB Business from within the Payroll details>>Taxes section of the employee's record.


    For more information on setting up that extra tax amount check out Help Article: Adding an employee.