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12 months ago

Error messages come and go before there is enough time to read them



At the moment any warning messages appear for a short while (maybe 2-5 seconds) at the top of the window and then disappear.


This is causing two problems:

  1. When the error - or warning message pops up, it pushes everything else in the window down and when the message goes away, everything moves back up the screen.  This makes it very difficult for the user who is now ready to move to the next item and often ends up clicking on the wrong line.
  2. The other issue is that for a warning or error message, the message will often disappear before the user has had enough time to read and understand it in full.

These messages should be in a consistant location such as the foot of the window and for errors or warnings, they should require the user to dismiss them before they are removed.


A message indicating that a task has been accepted should not need to be acknowledged at all.






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    MYOB Moderator

    Thank you for your suggestion. Your idea/feedback has been passed to the relevant team.

  • Same with the 'saved successfully' notifications. I often have multiple tabs open, as the new MYOB version is so incredibly slow, it would add even more significant time if I was to wait around every single time I hit the save button to see if it is successful or reported an error. When I go back through the open tabs because the message has disappeared and because it hasn't moved to a different screen e.g. list of invoices, there is absolutely nothing to indicate if it has or hasn't saved.


    You have alot of work to do and quickly MYOB, you never should have rolled out a product that clearly wasn't tested by a single bookkeeper, or one that had been using the old product. I imagine a lot of people will be switching come 1 July.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi sam81 


    I appreciate your feedback on this.

    Saved Notifications would usually be seen at the top portion of the screen. This would not lead you to a different page as well. Multiple tabs can also slow down the processing time of the browser itself. There are also several ways to improve the browser's performance (for Chrome).

    You can always post another idea specific to your suggestions or post your concerns under the right board if you need certain support for errors. 


  • Hi Sean_DC ,


    I think you have missed the point of my comment, the saved notification only appears for a few seconds and then disappears similar to AlanT 's comment.

    So if you are not staring at the screen the whole time and don't happen to blink at an inopportune time it is very very easy to miss these.

    These banners should stay put, with an X to close if necessary, they shouldn't disappear.


    It is also 2023, the majority of people use multiple tabs all the time to improve efficiency, I would suggest to your development team that they figure out how to accommodate this and improve the speed of the software. My bookkeeping time for clients has increased by 30-50% since the 'upgrade'.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi sam81 


    Thanks for your post. 


    At the moment the error messages appear in a few seconds (2-3 seconds). I understand that this issue has made you upset and we appreciate your patience and understanding on this as well as the suggestion you shared. Rest assured that this has been brought to the attention of the appropriate team. 

    Your welcome to share your thoughts with us.