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26 days ago

Fix the messages that are useless

Dear MYOB, In the attached screen shot, you will notice the warning message at the top of the screen indicating that the current financial year for my ledger is 2023. Even if I dismiss the message to free up some screen real estate, it keeps coming back every time I refresh the report. I am currently finalising the accounts for their 2023 tax return and to be still working on 2023 accounts this long after the end of the financial year not very unusual. If a non-accounting user was to see this, think it is an error and roll over the file it could be a pain for other users. Can we please have this message removed when it has been dismissed? At least for your current session? This seems to me to be another example of the lack of understanding by the designers about what we are trying to use the software for and what the impact these popup messages on the top of the screen have on our work flow. Thanks.



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