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10 years ago

In tray: Move Link to selected bill button

When you select "Link to Existing Bill" in the In Tray, the action button should be at the top of the page and not at the bottom or make the header static with the button and document details in there.


If MYOB automatically finds the bill you still have to scroll all the way to the bottom to selct OK.


"Link Bills to Closed Financial Years"

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  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Within the In tray, the Link to existing bill option is located in the ellipsis menu for the required document. This will be where you would locate the Create bill and Create spend money transaction option.


    Note: This in tray change is available for the new MYOB Essentials platform. Existing (original) MYOB Essentials platform users will be migrated across to the new platform in due course based on the complexity of their MYOB Essentials product level. At the time of posting, migrations are already underway.