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5 months ago

Invoice Payments Transactions Fee Listing

I was told to post this here, so her goes nothing...

 the category "I can't believe this is not already in the software"

It's that time of the month where MYOB sends out their invoices and invarialby we get the bill for our 

Invoice Payments Transactions Fees. Sadly though, it only lists a total amount charged and doesn't give detailed listing.

I'd really need to see what I was charged for these BPAY payments so I have a record of what MYOBs unwillingness to allow us to turn that off is really costing me. 

Is there a list of what was charged in that invoice?  
Considering that even Optus manages a listing of numbers that where called surely MYOB can give us a listing of what was charged where.

So I'm calling for and easy to get to page where all the transaction cost are listed and for them to itemised on the invoices.

And I can just hear them say, but we're not the ones charging the BPAY surcharges, we have no control, etc etc well then perheps you shouldn't use the service if you can't account for the details and finally give us the option to turn the pesky thing off.

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