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10 years ago

Invoices: Include primary contact and phone number

On existing invoices, it would be nice to be able to see the primary contact and their phone number on the invoice screen.


If i'm to look at overdue invoices, click on a particular invoice that needs chasing up, i have to leave the invoice, go to contacts->view contacts, find the contact for the invoice in question and go into it to find the phone number.


This could be streamlined so that i can see the primary contact with their phone number so i can call directly from the invoice screen.


"Contact details on invoice screen"


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    MYOB Essential Invoice show customer's address on then


    Does not have ability to also show their Contact's Name & Phone number

    Please add option -> so when I am reviewing overdue invocies in my file and paper desk I can easily make calls to them and know whom to ask for without MYOB handy.


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    Status changed:

    Thanks for your suggestion Erictrician  I can certainly see how having the contact information visible on the invoice screen would make it easier to contact your clients. Anyone who would like to see this in a future update, please cast your vote here.

    Another user has raised a suggestion to be able to click into contacts from within recorded invoices. This may also be of interest to you, and you can vote for it here.

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    While waiting for  essentials will address how to record contact with aging debtors, in the meantime I record phone numbers, conversations, dates of re-sent invoices etc in the notes box on the actual invoice.  (You would have to cut to re-send to a customer, then paste back - or maybe you would like them to see a trail of chasing up!)


    Just a suggestion



  • Thank you very much for your suggestion JillS


    Currently you can write notes in the Notes field in each customer contact, however I agree having a separate self note section in each invoice would be handy.


    I have shared your feedback with the relevant team.