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5 months ago

leave management

I tried to find the Ideas board here but it got too hard so I have posted this here.


Leave management in the Teams app..... on the screen you can sort by Employee name, leave type, submitted date, approval and location, however I find that the most usefull one would be a sort that brings the leave that has not been take yet to the top of the list. 


I have an employee who applied for leave 2 months before it was required, and has has several events of leave since so the application for leave that hasn't been taken yet is way down the list and hard to find. 


I do realise that you can search a date period for requests, however this is only useful if you remember when the application was for.... but then I wouldn't need to check on it..... :)


Just a thought for improvement..... not sure I would ever want to search by application date.... that doesn't seem relevant to anything....if its a question of only being able to sort by a limited number of things.

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    Hi 4Annette,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I've moved this post to our Product Ideas page and forwarded your suggestion to the relevant team. Hopefully, they will consider incorporating it into a future update.

    Feel free to start a new post if you have further queries and one of us will be happy to assist you.