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2 years ago

New update changes to customer tab in "create Invoice"



Why did you the change customer drop down menu when creating a new invoice.  I have clients with multiple departments which need to be invoiced seperately.  I  used to be able to search by the first name of the contact person and select the contact.  Now it only searchs by company name.  Totally useless when you have 20 contacts in the same company.  I now have to go through my whole contact list and add the contact persons name to the business name of each contact card.  Otherwise I have no way of seeing which contact is which when in "create Invoice."   


Surely MYOB realise that businesses have multiple departments that need to be invoiced seperately. 


I feel this "update" is a step backwards in many regards.  Many functions that were streamlined and allowed you to view the information you needed by scrolling down one screen now require you to click through multiple screens.  


Do better.

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