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2 years ago

Online MYOB Essentials/Business missing Items > Selling Details feature from MYOB AccountRight

A missing feature of MYOB Essentials/Business online portals is that of an Item's "Selling Details" available through MYOB AccountRight > Inventory > Item > Selling Details. The pricing levels contained therein are an important part of pricing the item based on a customer's relationship with the seller.


This feature seems to have been overlooked by the MYOB development team but is critical to operating with tiered relationship-based pricing.


AccountRight feature:

MYOB Business Inventory > Item screenshot missing the "selling details" information:



User Story for developers:
As a B2B/B2C business that originally set up accounting on MYOB AccountRight, our distributed team members would like to access our account through the online MYOB Essentials/Business portal and view our inventory items' "Selling Details" to accurately provide pricing to our trusted customers through the Levels pricing information configured.

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    Hi kevbking 


    Thank you for your post. And thank you for your suggestion,., We'll relay your idea/feedback to the relevant team.


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