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10 years ago

Online Payments: Bitcoin payment option

I would like to see Bitcoin added as a payment option to MYOB Essentials.

Configuration options could include:

  1. upload your own QR code or input your public key to generate one automatically
  2. indicate exchange rate from date of invoice; and
  3. indicate if using Bitcoin, Litecoin or some other cryptocurrency



There are of course several dilemmas with accepting cryptocurrencies, I guess one of the most obvious ones is a fluctuating exchange rate which could mean goods become under or over valued, and the anonymity of the transaction.

So what does the community think? How would you imagine it implemented if at all?


I would really like to offer customers the ability to pay using BTC but I certainly don't want customers feeling vulnerable. Maybe it's something that should be reserved for online payment gateways.


"Bitcoin payment option"


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    Status changed:

    Thank you for the idea. Essentials only allows for one currency, paying into credit cards and banking accounts. I would encourage others that would like to see this included to vote and comment

  • Yes please consider adding different cryptocurrency payment options, not just bitcoin :)

  • In 2020, I second this idea wholeheartedly!


    I believe some MYOB major competitors aleady offer this option.


    So if there's been no news since 2015, I hope the MYOB Development Team get cracking ...or at least have an outside App Developer build an MYOB Add-on to achieve this.