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8 years ago

Online Payments: Partial/part payment

We take credit card payments on our tax invoices, however there is a limitation.


We would like for our customers to be able to make a part payment instead of having to pay the full amount as is currently the case.


"Part payment of invoices with credit card"


  • I would like to be able to send an invoice which the receiver can either pay in full or just pay the predetermined deposit amount e.g 20% using the online payments facility.  Currently this cant occur and only the total of the invoice can be paid.  I would like to see the amount default to the full amount, but that the figure can be changed so part payments can be accepted

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      LisaBFD, I'm after the same, as I regularly send invoices seeking a deposit. I'm surprised the software doesn't include this facility

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      Really need this for our business.  We just need for the user to be able to enter the amount they want to pay when it comes to entering their credit card details, please!

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      Yes agree - We regularly require a deposit prior to commencement of work.

      Currently with "online payments" there is no option for part or multiple payments.

      I have to create two invoices ( 1. For the deposit, 2. For the balance ).

      Part payments via online payments should be a high priority.