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11 years ago

Payroll: Add pay item during pay run

Please allow payroll categories to be added or pay rates to be adjusted while in the middle of processing a pay run.  Very inconvenient to have to run a separate run or cancel and start all over again.

Thank you.


"Adding a payroll category in middle of processing a payrun"


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    This is indeed very annoying particularly when you have a number of employees in a pay run.  Would make life a lot easier to be able to add pay catergories during the payroll processing.

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    Thanks for the feedback on the Payroll system and its great to see this with a vote and comment already. Any other Live Accounts users who would like to see this added please do vote as well.
  • Yes, it is very annoying to have to skip one employee who has a new payroll category and then have to go back and manually add that one wage.

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    Hi Everyone


    A new pay item can be added to the employee in the middle of a pay run in MYOB Essentials by

    1. Selecting the Save button on the current pay run (bottom right),
    2. Selecting the employee>>Adding the new Pay item via the Pay items - earnings & deductions tab before selecting Save
    3. Go back to the Enter Pay window and select Resume Pay Run.
  • Saving & going out of payroll, adding pay roll item and returning to existing payroll

    This does not work, the pay item has not been added

    Back to doing individual pays for anyone who needs a new pay item

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    No it doesn't work, the payroll category still does not show after going out of payrun and going into the employee and adding the category.

    Please explain?

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    This problem is happening again with MYOB Business upgrade! We need to be able to add pay items mid-payrun. Very Frustrating!