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3 years ago

Payroll: Bulk print employee pay slips

Hi , is there a reason you can tick all employees  to email payslips in batch but you cannot tick all to print in a batch . You have to open each employees payslip PDF then print.  

I print a payslip for each employee for my client and opening 10 PDFs each payrun is a pain . 


"Printing bulk payslips new essentials"


  • I have to print 3 months worth of payslips for 1 employee for government apprentice subsidy and am having the same issue.  Is there an easy way to pdf multiple payslips.  The activity report is not sufficient as does not meet government requirements 

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    The upgraded MYOB Essentials does not have a feature to print a full pay run together like the old one did, only to email payslips to your employees. You have to go into each individual employee's payslip and print from there. Usually you would just tick the ones you wish to print, and it would print the pay run. This negatively affects productivity, especially for businesses with many employees.