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12 years ago

Payroll: Leave loading

We require leave loading to be added to payroll.


Particularly when we are entering previous data (such as backdating to 1 July) & need to match up the liveaccounts data to what was actually paid.


"Leave Loading"


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    Hi there,


    I have just started using MYOB Live Payroll and I have to say in many respects it feels like a huge step backwards! In all other pay systems I have used I have never had to set up an hourly value for leave loading, nor have I had to manually alter ordinary hours after making a leave entry. I have used Wagez Windows and Lightning Payroll and in both of those packages the software calculates the leave loading rate once the hourly rate is entered at initial setup, and when you make a leave entry it automatically deducts the value from the ordinary hours worked for the pay period. I hope you guys at MYOB are working on these matters for future upgrades and I don't look forward to re entering a value for leave loading at every pay increase and don't look forward to having to use a calculator every pay to adjust ordinary hours with every leave entry.


    Thank you

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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows for the user to set up an earning pay item to allow for the payment of leave loading, see MYOB Essentials Help Article: Leave loading for more information.