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10 years ago

Payroll: Payslip - Employee name listed as surname, firstname

I don't know how the tax office might like it but simply change the names around until you do your PAYG Tax and then reverse them then. Surname first then Given name. 

I haven't done this yet but I think it will save a lot of time over 52 weeks of individual sorting.


"Alphabetical Pay Advices Suggested Fix"


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     Hi CAAI15 

    Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials and the printing of payslips.

    Currently MYOB Essentials will print the given name and then surname of the employee on a payslip.

    If you would like for MYOB Essentials to print the employee's surname and then first name on the payslips to vote and comment if required.

  • Always thought it was standard practice to sort by surname first. I would appreciate this change please.

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    Hi Everyone


    Payslips generated from MYOB Essentials will list the employee's surname prior to their given name. For example, Jones, Mary. This applies exclusively to payslips, the past pay runs and other windows employees will be listed by given name prior to surname.


    Note: This change is available for the new MYOB Essentials platform. Existing (original) MYOB Essentials platform users will be migrated across to the new platform in due course based on the complexity of their MYOB Essentials product level. At the time of posting, migrations are already underway.