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10 years ago

Payroll: Twice a month pay frequency

My client is using the NZ version of Essentials. They pay a monthly salary split into two equal amounts during the month. (It began as a monthly salary but such is the flexible nature of SME's that they decided to split it over two payments..)


So we use the monthly frequency to process the payroll, which results in correct monthly calculations all round, BUT, as Essentials won't allow us to match two bank feed transactions to one payroll transaction we have to do a journal workaround. This of course defeats the purpose and magic of auto-coding, matching and reconciling.


Could we have either 1. a twice monthly payment frequency that just splits a monthly salary in half, or,

2. the ability to match two bank feed transactions to one payroll transaction (this could apply to other kinds of transactions too, not just payroll)


Many thanks,


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    Thanks for your suggestion. I can certainly see how a twice monthly pay frequency would help some businesses, and how a fortnightly pay frequency would provide incorrect amounts for your situation. Anyone else who would like to see a twice monthly pay frequency in essentials, please cast your vote here.

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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows users to set up and pay their employees using the Twice a month frequency.