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10 years ago

Payslips: Marker to show pay slip has been emailed


Can we have a system/marker in Essentials that shows that payslips have been emailed to staff.


At present there is no way to check (or prove) that payslips have been emailed.


Thanks muchly


"Emailing payslips"


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    Thank you for your suggestion fiona-s. It would certainly be help prevent mistakes, and allow for greater accountability if there was a way to tell if payslips have been emailed. Anyone who would like to see this in a future update, please cast your vote here.

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    Email (SMTP) has the facility for a deliver receipt and a read receipt...why not use it??

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    All good info but it's not clear to me whether Payslips are automatically emailed to employees when the basic "Pay Run" process is completed. Other info under Payroll Settings suggests Payslips have to be individually emailed to employees, but I would like to know whether there is a setting enabling Payslips to be 'automatically' emailed to employees when a Pay Run is completed? .. thanks, Peter W, 29-7-18.

  • I support there being a setting in Essentials to enable ALL payslips in the Pay Run run to be automatically emailed to emplyees when the Run is completed, rather than the long winded process of accessing each emplyee individually as is the case currently (unless I have missed something?).

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    Good morning

    I used to be able to check in Outlook if payslips had been emailed out sucessfully.

    I will admit google assisted emails in ARL online are so fast! :)

    But, I did a reversal payslip as an EOFY correction for a staff member, and it came up automtically as already sent. Now this is very helpful not to send out reversals generally, but it is not true and therefore cannot be relied on.


    When we send out statments monthly we run a log in our emails for searchable history - while not used much  (maybe once or twice a year), BUT when we do need it, the backup log is marvellous. I notice other customers using our package also do the same.

    So, my question is, when are MYOB ARL /online going to provide the same tracking capability?



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    Hi Everyone

    Previously saved payruns are available through Payroll>>Pay runs within MYOB Essentials. When a pay slip has been emailed a tick will appear in the Pay slip emailed field for that employee's pay.