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2 years ago

Removing payslips from email list

Is there a way I can remove payslips from prior financial years from my "Review Payslips Before Delivery" screen?


I have a huge number of them from my early MYOB days, and if I click to change the Payslip Delivery Status to "Already Printed or Sent", I get an error that says "You can only enter pays for the current or previous financial year" - which is completely irrelevant to what I'm trying to do.


By having the long list there, it means every time I go to email my payslips, I have to go into advanced filters and enter the date. Or re-sort the list. Extra steps I'd rather not take as I have a number of files I need to complete weekly!


Would love to hear of a method to remove them from the list (x 4 company files) in bulk.  Thanks!

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