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2 years ago

Please bring back these things

So many short cuts that i enjoyed in the old version are missing:


The quick menus at the top of pages like invoices and payroll - where once you've viewed an invoice or employee you could click quickly back to the main list.  Now you have to click back up into the main menu and find the list again.  So annoying.


And why doesn't the bank feed default to matching  instead of allocate me? Is there a way to fix this? I now have three more clicks to get up my list of matches as it defaults to allocate me instead of match.  And the list of possible suggestions is very unintuitive.  It was much better before.  Now I have to put the price in manually and then a list of matches come up but often it doesn't include the client details, so then I have to click into each invoice to check.  So annoying.


In the old version when I downloaded a PDF invoice it would default to the invoice number being the title of the PDF - now I have to manually enter it itn.  Again annoying.


The overdue invoice colour wheel was great - why did you get rid of it?  Please bring it back.


I am loving now being able to download reports to excel but WHY or WHY can you not let us customise the main part of the reports and not just the expandable info. I want to be able to include a set of information on one line in an excel report, not have a bunch of additional information underneath each other relating to the same invoice - that just makes it impossible to actually do anything with the data.  For example I want my overdue invoice report to include the PO number but there is no way to generate this on the same line as the invoice number, client, due date etc., it wants me to put it in the expandable data which makes it really hard to then sor the data once exported.


Also, I was really hoping that the double handling of online payments was going to be solved.  It's so arduous having to go into delete customer payments so I can match my bank feed.