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2 years ago

Problems with the new MYOB

Here is a list of the problems with MYOB Essentials I have run into today:

1: When you match a payment in the bank feed, the invoice your matched it to is replaced with a "CR###" number which does not list the customer, meaning you must open that CR### number to see who that payment was allocated to.
Solution - list the invoice(s) that payment has been allocated to instead of the generated CR Number


2: (The most detrimental problem we have encountered) Payments received seem to occasionally be matched to a invoice with the same amount. I do not know how often this happens but we have found 2 transactions allocated to the wrong invoice. Had we not caught these we would be chasing people up for payment who have already paid us.

I do not have a solution for this issue


3: Statements can only be sent out in batches of less than 20. This is to prevent spam, but I am still perfectly capable of sending the same statements to the same amount of people by just sending them out in batches of 19. We have over 100 customers who need statements weekly. I now have to tick off 19 at a time (then remember who I was up to because the boxes are automatically unchecked when I hit send)

Solution - Remove the limit to the number of customers who can receive a statement at a time.


4: Payby payments automatically set the respective invoice to paid, but the amount received in the bank feed can not be allocated as there is no longer an invoice to match it to.

Solution - Allow Payby transactions to be matched to invoices like they were in the old MYOB Essentials


5: When creating bills there are a few problems. First, since the update, the due date is now in a double-dropdown box, meaning I can not tab through the various sections required to fill out the bill without clicking with the mouse. This was not an issue in old MYOB and makes creating Bills take several times longer and more tedious. Second, when adding an item the whole page takes several seconds to load in which sections are not accessable. This means you once again can not tab through and the delays build up when adding dozens of bills like we do. In the old MYOB there was no delay or freeze so this is possible to avoid but clearly needs polishing. Third, Many but not all of the items we had created prior to the update now produce an error message and no longer work. Fourth, Negative values can not be entered, only negative quantities which is odd and arbitrary and does not produce an error message -it simply prevents typing- which is very unclear.

Solution - Making the page able to be filled out without use of the mouse by tabbing. Remove the delay between adding items and changing costs and items. I do not know how you would fix old items not working. Allow negative values in bill items (this was possible in old MYOB)


6: Payroll. This is currently the worst-designed section in MYOB in my opinion.

a) There is no "continue payrun" section for when you have saved a run but have left (for example for someone else in payroll to check or when the run is not complete). The only current option is "create pay run" giving you a 2-option box in which the option to delete the work you have done so far is highlighted.
b) calculate pays. Each time you change a section in an employee's pay the whole page freezes for several seconds while it loads. With 20+ employees with 4-5 boxes to fill I spend 20 minutes staring at a frozen screen each pay run.
c) The dates range for the pay run can not be changed after the pay run has begun. We must delete the entire pay run in progress in order to change the date range (which seems to randomly change by a few days seemingly arbitrarily ever couple weeks)

Solution - Make an exact copy of the old MYOB Essentials payrun section. (ie: have the pay of each employee calculate AFTER the various additionas and deductions have been imput, not during. Have the pay date changeable. Fix the 10 second freeze that occurs whenever the page updates the pay calculation.)


I'm sure I missed things, this is just the issues we encountered today. If it would be helpful I can continue to add issues as I find them.

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