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12 years ago

Report: GST detailed report - Include note from bank transactions

1. This report should show the memo(s) that appear on the bank statement, as well as the account that the transaction has been allocated. How long do we need to wait for this feature???


2. Formatting could be improved so that not so many pages are required for printing. Appreats to have VERY large header and footer and plenty of space on the side margins as well.



David Grant


"GST Detail Report needs to be improved"


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    Hi David,


    Welcome to the MYOB community Forum.


    I thought that you were referring to MYOB AccountRight Live so the following response is relative only to that product.


    Re your 1st point:-

    You are presently able to show the memo column on the GST Detail Report by clicking the 'Insert/Modify' tab then clicking the 'Show/Hide' Report Columns icon. 

    Any single transaction on the report may involve many account allocations so their inclusion would significantly increase the size of the report.

    Whenever I want to see the account allocations for a transaction on the report I move the 'Hand' icon onto that transaction line and click it.


    Re your 2nd point:-

    You have the ability to format the report to suit your requirements through customisation then saving it as a customised report. That includes selecting 'No Margin' from the Margin drop down list on 'Print Preview' tab as well as hiding the report header by clicking the report 'Body' icon and placing it directly over the 'Header' icon within the 'Insert/Modify' tab.


    The attached image is a one page example of a customised GST Detail Report which I prepared; note the inclusion of the Memo column on the right hand side of the report.

    Customised GST Detail Report.jpg

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