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2 years ago

Report preferences need to be remembered



When generating reports in MYOB Essentials, the system appears to default to the GST Settings for both the Balance Sheet and the profit and loss reports.


These two reports should not necessarily default to the same accounting method that is used to report the GST activity statement.


Each of the options that the user selects for each report should be saved between sessions.





  • Hi Alan,


    Assuming you are using the 'upgraded' Essentials (using that word loosely), I figured this one out today I think.


    If you click on your company name (top right hand corner), select 'Report Settings', and then on 'Business Settings' tab you can set the 'Accounting Method' as either Cash or Accrual, and underneath separately the 'GST Reporting Method' as either Cash or Accrual.


    Hope that works for you, and for me (I'm only on day 1 of trying to figure out this downgrade)



  • Hi sam81 


    Thanks for your reply.  This looks like what I need so I will give this a go.


    I think that is a new feature that they have silently slipped in.  I had been looking for something like this and couldn't find anything.


    The problem with MYOB is that they seem to silently slip in updates, but as it has been years since they published any meaningful and in depth Release Notes you have to rely on constant experimenting to find these updated or enhanced features.  Some times I feel like I'm back in the 1980's playing King's Quest trying to find all the features.



  • I think you are probably right and also who honestly has time to go experimenting these days.

    As for feeling like your back in the 1980's, I took one look at the 'new and improved' payslip today and that format was definitely dug out of an archive from that era.