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10 years ago

Report: Superannuation accrual amounts

It would be really handy to have a something available in Essentials like in AR the super by fund summary report. Currently I use the payroll summary report as this is the only report available. It works fine as it shows the super for that month, but I am always flicking back to the employee contact details to see the super fund and member number for each employee.


"Super report"


  • It would be extremely helpful if Essentials Payroll had the option to generate a Superannuation Accrual By Fund Summary Report by Period, without using MYOB's Super Portal/Clearing House.


    "Superannuation Accrual By Fund by Period Report in Essentials Payroll"

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    Thanks for the excellent idea. Anyone who is looking for a more detailed superannuation report similar to the Accrual by Fund reports in AccountRight, please cast your vote here. For those not familiar with AccountRight, the accrual by fund [summary] shows total superannuation accruals for each employee. The employees are grouped by fund and there is total for each fund at the end of its listing. The name and employee membership number for each employee is also listed, as is the superannuation fund name and the employer membership number.
  • Please do address this matter urgently as the next stage is to ensure that MYOB essentials is compliant with the new Super Streaming legislation.

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    I've just started using Essentials for one of the business's I look after.


    I am a long term MYOB subscriber and user of AccountRight and have just upgraded from V19.15 to 2019.2.  So I know a few things I guess.  Using Essentials has been a learning curve and I believe can be improved upon with respect to payroll, it feels a little tacked on.


    The report Accrual by Funds Summary & Detail I believe are essential tools for reconciliation and processing contributions to super funds.  Kind of important particularly now with STP.


    Amongst other reports, Payroll Summary, showing breakdown of quarter and FY  would be great too.

  • Hi There


    I'm a new user of Essentials, I was looking for a report that shows me Employee Super Guarantee Contribution amounts, super fund details and super member reference numbers for each employee for the July-Sept 19 Qtr however after searching the data file reports section and failing to find anything I then called the MYOB help line today and it appears that there is no such thing, the only report that shows individual amounts is the "Super" column on the Payroll Summary Report, very disaapointing MYOB ! This cant be difficult to give us so it would be apprecaited if you would consider this request.

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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows users to run an Accrual by fund report or Accrual by fund (detail) report which showcases the amount of superannuation per fund.