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3 years ago

Sales: Adding permanent customer notes to invoice

Please add the ability to save notes in the New Essentials so they appear on all sales invoices- very imprortant for tradies to add Licence numbers etc. Also more options in invoice templates would be great.


"'Notes in new Essentials"


  • Please add back "note to customer" functio nback to myob essential.  Removing this is a unbelievabily idocracy

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    Hi Jeanie, it is possible to edit the existing notes to make them personalised for your business. Under the main business settings in the right hand corner select 'Sales Settings' then select the 'notes to customer' tab. From there you can edit each of the notes to be selected quickly when creating an invoice. I had to find this out myself... I'm not even sure that the MYOB support/moderator team are aware of it, unless perhaps it's only been a feature added very recently.