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Sales: BPay and PostBill payments on invoices

Soon I'd like to start offering BPAY, Postbillpay and credit card payment options and if I were to continue using LiveAccounts then naturally I'd like to display such options on my invoices. An idea for credit card payment option on invoices has already been submitted and I'd personally like to offer some form of pay by credit card information on invoices before BPAY or Postbillpay.




"BPAY and Postbillpay payment options"


  • I agree - I've had a few clients who have approached me who need an accounting software package which allows a BPAY payment method to be on each invoice and there isn't many accounting software packages available with this function.


    LiveAccounts has all the other functions our clients need (one being an online file) however this one thing is stopping them from being able to use LiveAccounts.


    It would be great if a function was added so users can offer BPAY to their customers.

  • I also agree. Accounts live only have 2 options available on their invoices for customers to pay their accounts. There needs to be a BPAY and Credit Card payment option added to the How to Pay feature so businesses are not limited to 2 for of accepting payment from customers.

  • Yes I agree. We have to provide our customers with more options on how to pay. I have a lot of requests for Bpay and credit card payments.  We seriously need this function.

  • ^^^ DITTO^^^^


    Our customers need more options on how to pay.

  • We accept payment by cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS or direct deposit. Myob has information for cheque and direct deposit but no credit card stub for people to fill in with their details. 

  • Any chance of this happening? We'd like to be able to offer BPAY as well

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    Thank you all for your post, comments and votes. We can certainly see the benefit of being able to provide BPay as a payment option to on your invoices. We hope to provide this in a future update of Essentials. Please indicate your interest in the suggestion by adding your votes and comments.

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    Hi Everyone


    With Online Payments, BPay, along with credit card payments, is an option for a customer to pay their invoices by. For more information on this topic see Help Article: Online payments