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10 years ago

Sales: Follow up on invoices

Hi there,


I need a notes area at the bottom of unpaid invoices online that allows me to record when I have contacted clients regarding overdue invoices. 


Also, a reminder email for clients when invoices are overdue would be helpful.


"Notes at the end of an invoice"


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    Have a non-printing notes area on invoices/quotes/orders for recording details, reminders, explanations, even cautions about the transaction.

    Many transactions are a little out fo the ordinary in some way and these details are often lost or forgotten.

    Five minutes recording salient details at the time can save an hour of trying to reconstruct things a few week later.

    Even better than an area on-screen woudl be a tab or link to a full screen notes area linked to that document.

    A full screen wodl allow multiple dated notes.

    Our precios program WorkFlowMax has this and it was immensely useful (of course that program is very limited in other respects).

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    Status changed:

    Thanks for the great suggestion setonlillas . Anyone who would like to be able to record notes (that the customer can't see) on invoices, please cast your vote here.


    In regards to reminder emails for clients, this is similar to an idea that has been raised previously. I recommend that you vote for and comment on this idea here:

    Auto Invoice Resending


    When using the idea exchange, we ask that you make a single suggestion per post, so that other users can vote for your suggestion, and it is clear to us which suggestions have support.

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    I voted for this and the purple square changed to "Voted" bu hte vote count remained uncahnged at 3 and refreshing did not change it.

  • Your vote has been counted MichaelGli, many thanks for your feedback.


    All the best,

    Jason Hill
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  • Another way to do it would be a link on the invoice page to 'Job Notes' - but i think setonlillas idea is simple and stable enough for easy implementation. 


    In actual fact, this request, (although useful to some), is actually for a function better known as CRM - Customer Relations Management. Maybe MYOB should create a CRM that integrates seamlessly with Essentials, for the small businesses out there. 


    Shine on!


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows for the user to track the activity of an invoice by the Activity section of the invoice (bottom left). 

    Also, we have added an Invoice reminder feature which will send the customer a reminder email for unpaid invoices. For more information on setting up Invoice Reminders do take a look at MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Sick of chasing up customers about late payments?