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12 years ago

Sales: GST rounding to be done on total amount (to avoid rounding differences)

I notice that currently when creating an invoice in MYOB Live, if there are 2 or more line items each line item is rounded individually and the rounded total is added. For example,


Line Item 1 Total ex GST = 5944.38

Line Item 2 Total ex GST = 187.45

Total ex GST = 6131.83

GST on Total = 613.18


GST on Line Item 1 (rounded) = 594.44

GST on Line Item 2 (rounded) = 18.75

The Sum of the individually rounded items = 613.19 which is a 1c discrepancy from the real GST on Total value above.


This discrepancy has resulted in clients paying 1c less on numerous occasions as the client systems round only the total. Obviously this messes with the auto reconciliation.


"GST Rounding on Invoices On Total Not Each Line IteM"


  • It would be useful if you could manually amend the total GST.  Sometimes a supplier's system rounds the numbers differently so the expense entered is 1c different from the invoice received.  So when I make a payment if stuffs up the auto assigning.

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      If you are using Account Right Plus 2012 you can press the blue tax arrow at the bottom of the invoice screen, if the amount of difference is only small you could ignore the warning about changing your BAslink calculations, select the purple area where the GST is shown and change your figure to suit what was shown on your suppliers invoice.


      E.G GST of $1.40 to $1.39 to match your suppliers invoice. Be careful if the GST difference is significant.


      Save your document and check it again to verify your adjustment was done properly.


      Be aware also that if your creditor is supplying goods that are GST free, you would need to enter those on a separate line otherwise MYOB will calculate your GST incorrectly.


      Hope this helps