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11 years ago

Sales: Send multiple invoices via email (at the same time)

Is there an option to select multiple invoices to be emailed to the one customer from the Sales screen?


The best work around that I have found is to select the individual invoice numbers, press print at the bottom of the screen and then use an Adobe product to email them.


The issue is then that the invoices are not marked as 'Sent' and we have to open each individual invoice and fake a print. This is very time consuming.


Is it not possible to have:

1) a simple function to send multiple invoices to the one customer

2) a check box under the 'Sent' column where we are able to quickly mark this ourselves


Thank you.


"Select multiple invoices to send and marking as sent"


  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your feedback on how to make the emailing system for your Invoices easier and faster. Other users who would like to see this added, please make sure to vote and comment if you have any details to add on how you'd like to see this feature work.
  • A client has had to send off 13 invoices individually to a a single client.   It would be great if these can be sent at once.

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    I think sending multiple invoices to single customers is a very important function.  I am sure there are many users who, like me, need to issue seperate invoices, for seperate jobs performed, on same day or per invoice  batch run.