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9 years ago

Sales: Show the activity from invoices created via MYOB Invoices (app)

Hi, We use Essentials for our IT Support Business. We find it a great product but one issue we would love to see resolved. When we create and send an invoice from the App on our mobile we get 'Activity' notice within the App showing us when the invoice was opened, viewed and printed. This is a great feature to show us the client has received the invoice (no more didn't get it excuses!)

But when we log into Essentials, this Activity is missing. We are finding that we are now creating the invoice in Essentials due to large amount of stock to list, but emailing it through the App just to get this feature as only the App shows this info. We need Essentials to send invoices and monitor the same way your App does. We hope others put in a vote for this as it is an important feature included in Xero.


"Essentials invoice sync with App"

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    Thank you all for your interest in this idea, with the Online Invoicing feature, you can now view when the invoice was sent, viewed in Essentials Accounting.