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10 years ago

Sales: Subject line for invoices and quotes

It would be awesome if you could add a summary / subject line field to quotes and invoices, and have this available as a data field to use in emails, so I can easily track my sent invoices that are CC'd to my email account. It's the one feature I miss since transferring from Saasu.


"Subject lines for invoices and quotes"


  • Status changed:

    Thank you very much for your suggestion dc8 


    Anyone who also wish to see a summary/subject field for quotes and invoices, as well as including this field when emailing please cast your vote and/or leave comments here.

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    To add to this, it would also be great to have the Invoice / Quote summary page to show subject lines, so we can differentiate more between items (eg if I have 20 invoices sent to Client X, I can only tell them apart by quote / invoice ID and the total amount.)

  • Thank you for the additional suggestion dc8 It would indeed to be a handy reporting option, I have shared it with the relevant team.


    For anyone else wish to see this option, please keep the votes and comments coming.

  • I changed from Xero to MYOB and this is a feature that I miss.  I work as a consultant however alot of my work is for one firm.  It would be great for a subject/summary line to also be included when viewing invoices so I don't have to open each one individually if I am looking for a particular invoice.  I have now started to keep an Excel spreadsheet with the invoice number and a subject for ease of reference but this isn't ideal.  

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    Hello ppsmith


    Thank you for the additional feedback I have shared your comments with the team. Anyone who would like to see this in future upgrades please comment and vote. 

  • Yes, an editable field just below customer details would be very useful.

  • It would be good if there was the option to put a Title on an invoice. I am a graphic designer previously using AccountEdge Pro and I was able to use the Comments field as an area where I could put a title above the description to clearly state what each invoice was for and I could also bold this field for it to stand out.