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13 years ago

Search: Include decimals for bank transactions

Hi Team


Please fix asap the search bug - when I search for 122.90 no transactions - I have to search for 122.  Also when I serach for 500 the results show 5,000 etc


When working in Bank Transactions it's great that it remembers the date range from last viewing.

Request that it also remembers the date order - i.e. if the 1st on month is shown first when window left, when I return would be good if it would show 1st of month first rather than 31 st of month






"Additional Suggestion"


  • Hi Geoffrey,


    Sorry about the search bug, it is failing to match if you add a 0 to the end of the search. We will try to fix this soon.


    As a work around for the moment:

    • To find 122.90 - search with 122.9

    With regard to searching by 500, it is designed to select any amount or text containing 500. The idea is so you don't have to enter the comma when searching thousands etc.


    Thanks for the feedback on the Bank txns page, that's a nice idea to remember the search order as well. We will add that to the page.




  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will allow the user to search for values including decimal places in the Bank transactions window using the with text on screen filter.