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8 years ago

Setup: App for entering receipts with photo

I am currently considering moving to Xero as they have the ability to be able to take a photo of a receipt and enter the information, this is then automatically found on your myob reconcilliaton and you can then click a button to reconcile. This is so much quicker than going through hundreds of receipts and matching them up then having to store them in your office.


Is MYOB working on a similar idea at all? I like MYOB but it is a lot easier with the app functionality. My partner has heaps of receipts and by the time I usually get them they are faded, if there was a way he could quickly just take a photo and add them to the app without the information just to store for me to then pick up and add which accounts it can go to this would make it even better than the Xero app. My partner is not technical so if he had to enter all the information it would not happen but if he just had to open the app and take a photo he would do it. 

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    Hi All,


    Earlier this year we had released MYOB Capture that allows you to do just this. You can take an image of your receipts and have them uploaded to your MYOB In Tray for processing. This app is now available for both Android and iOS.


    Please also feel free to check out our collected FAQ's surrounding MYOB Capture on this post: MYOB Capture FAQs - Turn your phone into a receipt scanner




    MYOB Product Team