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Setup: Different lock period date for advisors



It would be great if we can have multiple lock dates in MYOB Essentials Products - particularly with recent changes with MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger and migration from Banklink for Client & Advisor/Bookkeper (two dates). 


Occasionally when using MYOB AE Workpapers/Statutory Reporter on live files we find clients accidently delete transactions, post them or edit them in previous financial periods unknowingly. Effectively causing various balance issues and variances in financial reports. 


While we could set MYOB Essentials lock date to 30 June 2017, this would prevent MYOB AE Workpaper Journals being posted so it would not be practical when working on a set of accounts to lock the period. The obvious work around is to unlock the period > Post Journals > lock the period again. This also would be the same when making changes directly into the MYOB Essentials File. However such addition would alleviate the need to do this. 


This feature however is in Xero, as below which only allows Advisors to make changes and prevent the client from accidently making various changes. Another note is that Xero prevents the client access to change the lock dates (unless they set themselves as Advisor) so this cant be adjusted inadvertently. This would work great in AccountRight aswell.  






"MYOB Essentials Lock Date - different dates for advisors/accountant and client files"

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