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11 months ago


Hi Team,


Please let the MYOB Business users search the suppliers/ Customers by their ABN in Contacts tab.

As the suppliers/ customers can have multiple names such as entity name and numerous business names, the all the MYOB users keep generating multiple cards for one entity. This cannot be stopped as long as MYOB doesn't allow the users search their suppliers/customers by their ABN.

This is disaster for not only the onwer/users but also the accountants.

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  • Hi HIBABE,


    Thank you for your suggestions. We understand your concern, as searching for the names of all your suppliers in your business consumes your time and affects your business workflow. We appreciate you bringing this suggestion to our attention. Having the option to filter ABNs when searching for a specific supplier is a bright idea. We'll surely have this passed on to the relevant team. We also encourage everyone here in the Community forum to vote for this idea for our developer's review.


    We always appreciate your suggestions and feedback.