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4 years ago

Templates: Add postal address


In Styling & Themes:

Firstly, it would be very useful if there was an option in the invoicing header to select the postal address as part of the business details. As a sole trader, I do not want my home address on the invoice headers, just the postal address.

Secondly, it would be useful to be able to select the logo to appear in the middle of the invoice header (without business details).

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"Invoice settings - Styling and Themes"


  • Can we please have the option to have the postal address displayed as part of the business details on top of the invoice?


    Invoice & Quote settings - ...Styling & themes...

    - "Postal address"


    There is only an option for street address. As I don't use my regidtered business address, I simply have not put an address on my invoices.

  • invoice for service needs the work address and the different payment address on invoice header