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10 years ago

Templates: Import Word template

Many other accounting software are using docx uploadable templates for their online live programs. This is beneficial because it allows not only each business to have their own layout but they have better control over what is stated on their invoice. It would be even better if we were able to add our own collumns to the invoices like the ability to add a discount collumn or an hourly rate collumn or a number of units free collumn or even a comments collumn so more information can be added to an item.


"Docx customisable invoice templates and adding extra collumns to the invoice data entry screen"


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    Thanks for your suggestion. Anyone would would like to be able to import docx invoice templates, please cast your vote here.

    In regards to adding extra columns to invoices. This idea has already been raised. We recommend that you cast your vote for this idea here.

    MYOB Live customised forms and templates... my way!

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    If you record the "item" as a service which has an hourly rate, the template should show the description, the number of hours and the hourly rate. At least, I don't enter an item count and the line entry using the Services and Items template shows, the date, the description, the rate, the number of hours and total amount (ex GST).


    Unfortunately, you have to go through and manually allocate the income account and specify Goods and Services Rate too; it never seems to default to my standard ones.