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7 years ago

Templates: Remove tax type column

"Tax Type" column shown on Invoice in Essentials, I want the option to remove the column from showing as it clutters an itemised invoice.


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    Yes, I agree, "Tax Type" column is redundant and I would like the option to have it removed from the invoice template (as it takes up too much room on invoices). Is anyone else bothered by this?

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    Yes please remove tax type & the option not to have to enter a $0 is each line, especially when you are not itemising each entry only putting one amount at the end.

  • Yes I agree, it looks terrible printed on your invoice, its a column that should not get printed like in other versions of MYOB i have used.  Also having to enter $0 and it print on an invoice looks unprofessional.

    Is there any options to remove it??


  • BUMP


    Would really like to find an answer to this question