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Banking: Emailing Receipt option

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It would be great to be able to email receipts to customers when you receive their payment, at the moment you can only print and I find this waists time and paper.  (The email remittance feature works great so why not have an email receipts option too.)



Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: August 2013

Thanks for your suggestion MHS. This feature is currently planned for for AccountRight Live users.

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Just a suggestion, could the option be added in a later update to email receipts as well as print. I know this has come up before but has never been implemented. It would save having to print the receipt to PDF and then emailing (takes a long time when you have many to do). It just needs to operate the same way the Print/Email Invoices or Statements system works.




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Thanks Ben for raising this again. I have just been speaking with online support, and the current receipt emailing is very cumbersome if you are doing many. It would be great to have the same system of automatically generating the email whan a payment is processed as when an invoice is generated. Hope to see this improvement SOON!!!!

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Great Idea...c'mon MYOB...been asking for this for ages, let's see it in the next upgrade!!!!

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Have to agree, I have suggested this on a number of occasions, how hard can it be when you can email invoices/statements/ etc


currently I have to print (to a letterhead as our logo doesn't show on the receipts) then scan then email - cumbersome !!


get with it MYOB and move on this suggestion please

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I agree and have voted for it. I think this idea has already been mentioned back in September. I suggest you vote for it there too. Search "email receipts". thanks

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Can we please have the ability to print or email sales receipts similar to statements? I realise I can save them as PDF and then email however this is still time consuiming and the functionality to print or email is available for other document why not receipts????


Thanks :-)

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I have just started doing the accounts for my husband's business this year, and I cannot believe that this is not an option. I would have thought that this is a basic function.


I look forward to seeing it implemented in future, otherwise I'll be happy to shop around and see what other software my accountant recommends.



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I would love to be able to email receipts, instead of printing them and positng them.  Hope I can also add a signature to the receipt.

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Agree  -  MYOB.  My ancient software program at work can email receipts and I have just purchased MYOB assuming that the function would be a standard function as are email invoices and statements.  How wrong am I lols!!  Am rather tempted to shop around for another software program and ask for my money back as I only purchased it last night. 

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Hi Maughold4, thank you for your feedback.


We are always happy to look into adding features such as this and this is the best place to post the details of exactly what you want added into the software. The Development Team watch these boards and bill base their priorities on how many votes and comments with useful feedback are posted on it. I will speak to the Development Team and see if there is an update on that status of this idea.


Kind Regards,
Matthew - MYOB Client Support.