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Card: Employee - Emergency Contact tab




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In the Employee Card File it would be very handy to have a tab for EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS.









At the moment I enter this information into the Card Details Notes: But this piece of information everyone should collect from their staff members and it would be great to have it available and easily accessible!


"Emergency Contact Tab for Employees"

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Hi @Moulds_Trucking 


Personally, would love this feature too, but you can actually add Emercency contact details by using a custom field. You can add via below:


Lists>>Custom Lists & Field Names>>Employees


Under the employee tab you can enter just the main details (as in an emergency, I know I'd be calling the contact straight away, rather than sending a letter or email)





Hope this helps.



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This should be a default minimum requirement for any contact details for the employees.


Add Emergency Contact (Name, Phone, Email, Relationship) fields to employees. Ideally need two sets.

  • Emergency Contact 1-Name
  • Emergency Contact 1-Phone
  • Emergency Contact 1-Email
  • Emergency Contact 1-Relationship
  • Emergency Contact 2-Name
  • Emergency Contact 2-Phone
  • Emergency Contact 2-Email
  • Emergency Contact 2-Relationship
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You can actually do this already by using the Custom Fields 1, 2 and 3.

I currently have all my clients set up with the following;


emergency contact.PNGJust go to Lists on the Menu bar then Custom Lists & Field Names then Employees. and change the Field names to what you want.



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thanks for the reply. That is what I am using at the moment. But there are only three custom fields available and there are other information that businesses enter to the system that are specific to their need.


The emergency contact details in Australia are a very common thing to keep for all employees and deserves its own spot.

Custom fields would be used for company specific items that might not be useful for wide audience.


One solution would be to increase the number of custom fields to, say 10 or more.