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Card File: Designation default to be Individual not Company

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Most of our Customers are individual so everytime I create a new customer (multiple times a day) I have to manually change the Designation. An opportunity to set Individual as the default would be an advantage


"Re: Change from Company to Individual as default on Customer card information"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: May 2015

Hi @WattsBros

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and card designation. 

Currently the AccountRight 201x program will default to Company. I would encourage users that would like to see the last remember setting or always default to Individual to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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I agree - also to be able to "Copy from" an existing customer card would be good.

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When I create a new customer, the "designation" box is always set to "Company" and I have to manually change this to "Individual". 

As all my new customers are individuals, I would like a setting under preferences where I can make the default position be "Individual" for my company file.

Please consider this improvement.

with thanks


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This is a great time saving idea and one that should be considered.  99% of our clients are Individuals and its extra clicks we don't need, plus have to remember to do this as in the old system we had the option of changing the default.  Please consider.

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This would save me countless hours, and surely it wouldn't be a difficult feature to add.

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What is the point of voting for anything? MYOB doesn't do anything their paying customers want anyway. It is a joke. Of course you should be able to set a default customer type, just as you should be able to email receipts. No wonder Xero is doing so well.

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It looks like people have been asking for the ability to make Individual the default since 2015 - over 6 years.  When is MYOB going to listen to its customers?

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Dear MYOB, we are losing faith in you.