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Cards: Set a default Invoice Delivery Status (system wide)

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Currently there isn't a preference to set all cards as "To be Emailed" as their default invoice delivery status.


This sounds like a great idea for our AccountRight Idea Exchange. The exchange has been developed for our users to submit their ideas for potential release in a future upgrade. It is monitored by our Product Development team and allows users to comment, vote and submit their own suggestions for product improvement.

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"A preference to set all cards as "To be Emailed" as their default invoice delivery status"
Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Great idea and fits well with other suggestions for creating default card templates. In the meantime, one option that could be useful is the Sales preference to automatically print, email or save invoices when they're recorded. This also works for purchases.

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Been under consideration since 2013 how about you just implement it?

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Hi @Westsec


Currently this idea has been placed into Under Consideration. At this stage we don't have a direct time frame for when this idea will be placed into development and implemented into the program. 

However we are still encouraging members of the MYOB Community  that would like to see this particular idea added in future versions to vote for this idea. You can vote for an idea using the Kudos button in the bottom right of the idea. 

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We've been putting up with daily frustration for years. 

In the middle of a sale to a new clinet, when setting up a new card, employes must remember, and take the extra time, to switch to the Sales Details tab just to chage the Invoice Delibery status. Every single time!

When this is forgotten, it causes hassels down the track.


None of our clients receive printed invoices, ever!

In the modern businessplace, we hardly ever print anything; this is 2017 after all!

If you won't let us choose the default invoice delivery status for new customer cards that suits us best, then how about just changing the default for everyone to 'To be emailed'.


Thank you...

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Would be helpful to be able to select terms of delivery for invoices, orders, remittances, payslips, etc... to default to 'to be printed and emailed'.  The option is currently blank when creating new cards.

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This is ridiculous that it defaults to 'already printed or sent' on new customers.  If you forget to change this when you setup a new customer then it's easy to forget to send an invoice to a customer when you print invoices in bulk on a monthly basis.  THIS FEATURE NEEDS TO BE ADDED ASAP.

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Catch up, MYOB... 

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Include Card option for a Default of "Already Printed or Emailed" so that any/all Purchases, Sales, Spent DO NOT end up in the To Be Printed/Emailed

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I think it would be a great idea to be able to set default to set preference for type of purchase layout eg, service  and a default invoice delivery status. As this is always mainly the same for all suppliers etc. I have just spent an hour changing all my suppliers cards indervidulally  its a pain.


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Hope you're well. It's been two years since we caught up last. How's it going?
We're still here. Still subscribing each year for more and more money.
Still living in hope.
It must be very complcated to implement such a change as this, becasue I just can't see that defaulting to Print can be relevant to the majority of users in, what is it now, oh, 2019.

Since before 2013 (when I first becasme frustrated enough to create this thread), we haven't printed invoices, yet we still have to change Every Single new customer's default invoice delivery manually.

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Hello @ELC-Leo 


while it would be a good move to be able to set this globally for those who want to change every customer default delivery method, there would also be many who have a mixture of methods.


However in your case it is a fairly easy to change all of the cards by exporting the card details, opening in excell, changing the default option column and importing back again into myob. See here


CAUTION Always back up before importing back.

If you need additional help with doing this you are welcome to contact me direct.