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Cards: Set a default Invoice Delivery Status (system wide)

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Currently there isn't a preference to set all cards as "To be Emailed" as their default invoice delivery status.


This sounds like a great idea for our AccountRight Idea Exchange. The exchange has been developed for our users to submit their ideas for potential release in a future upgrade. It is monitored by our Product Development team and allows users to comment, vote and submit their own suggestions for product improvement.

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"A preference to set all cards as "To be Emailed" as their default invoice delivery status"
Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Great idea and fits well with other suggestions for creating default card templates. In the meantime, one option that could be useful is the Sales preference to automatically print, email or save invoices when they're recorded. This also works for purchases.

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Just came here to add my vote, but it turns out I already did, years ago. COME ON MYOB!!!!! Surely the majority of your customers now email invoices rather than printing them. At least let us change the default for ourselves. This is beyond a joke. It would be such a timesaver. 


Along with being able to turn on invoice reminders at set up stage instead of having to save the card then go back into it... 


Looking forward to the next update. Maybe it will actually have something useful in it. Even ONE THING we've been requesting for years, to give us hope that maybe you really do take these ideas on board because in reality, it doesn't look like it. It seems more like you do whatever your developers think will work. I'm not sure anything is even tested by "real world" users before being implemented. Enough ranting. It's just that every time I come into the forum my blood boils and I want to mention every single frustration again in the hope that maybe, one day, SOMETHING will be done about even ONE of the myriad small things that drive me absolutely nuts in MYOB now. 

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Can you please create a new PRESET option in the Sales. For invoices to be Printed and Emailed.

At the moment this option has to be manually selected everytime!

You can only preset Printed or Emailed individually!