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Date input inconsistency

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Can I suggest that the date input methodology is made consistent across the application?


When inputting a date in a Form (Invoice or Purchase Order) the date is input using n tab n tab i.e. 1st April 2014 would be entered as 1 <tab> 4 <tab> whereas in Reports it is input using n / n / i.e. 1 / 4 /.


Either use one or the other across the whole application preferably the / methodology.


This is a small but frustrating issue when moving around the application and I don't imagine it would be difficult to correct.




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Using the Dates in the current version of MYOB 2016.2 is frustrating!! There are different entry methods depending on the screens or fields being used. In some cases can enter the dates directly using keystrokes, in most others have to use the drop down box or enter using arrow keys to navigate between dd/mm/yy. These differences have led to incorrect date entries in my client’s files.


Would like to see all the date entry fields in the AR system fixed so that keystroke dates can be used again eg 12/6/16 – this is the traditional method that was always available in MYOB up until recently and is the quickest and most reliable way to enter the dates. The new methods introduced in the current AR products are not an improvement and reiterating inconsistent between various entry screens.