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Email: Ability to set senders email address for Outlook





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the fact that Myob automatically uses Default email account in Outlook is totally wrong move.

Lets say that we have 5 email account in OUTLOOK, default is FRED@ and the one that I need to use for Invoicing is ADMIN@.


I am sending invoice via MYOB that will automatically use FRED@ in my Outlook. Does that make any sense? NO. It does not.

How hard would that be to configure MYOB to be able to set whatever account in my OUTLOOK will be the MYOB account?


I know that your answer is going to be this: You can set default ADMIN@ and when you use OUTLOOK without MYOB, you can choose your account FRED@ manually.

This would be very unproductive and very hard to manage.


The reason why you have to make the feature ,, CHOOSE OUTLOOK EMAIL ACCOUNT,, available is that people can use appropriate outlook email account with different email signatures. 99.99% companies have multiple emails.


Please let me know what you think....:-)

Have a good day



"Outlook Email Default for MYOB"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: April 2015

Hi @FredV,


Thanks for your suggestion. We do see how being able to select which e-mail address from Outlook the AccountRight software should use to e-mail out with would be beneficial for our clients.


Anyone else who would like to see this feature implemented into future releases of the software, please vote for the idea by selecting the '+ VOTE' option next to the subject heading.




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Wouldn't that be nice! Then MYOB will be caught up to where all the other bookkeeping software have been for years.

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I wish i could vote for this 1000 times! Playing around with emails is a HUGE time waster for me daily.

I manage invoicing and payroll for 3 seperate companies and have a total of 7 email accounts, many of which are shared mailboxes that cannot be set as a default. It's gotten to the point where I have to print to file and save the document, then attach it to a new email and type a message.

The ability to email direct from AccountRight cannot come soon enough!

Contributing User tin
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Holy SMTP, Batman!


We are talking about SMTP in AccountRight, right?

If so, it will do authentication and SSL/TLS, right?



Edit: I'm talking about what CloverQ said here.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea.

We are are looking on adding this idea in an up and coming release. It will the option to set an email address inside the company file and embed that on the email so that recipient can reply to that email address if required.

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Send a whole heap of invoices from my personal email address the other day and it confused so many people !!

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I agree AWESOME!


Looking forward to this.  Like several others I have several businesses for which I use MYOB and trying to remember to change to the appropriate email address fails everytime.


You change it, make a mental note, sometimes I set an alarm to remind me to change it back but I will get a call or someone comes in and asks a question and you get destracted and fail to change it back.  Meanwhile you then have to contend with query emails or phone calls as the clients/employees are confused.


It will be fantastic - can't wait.



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Why is the only option Outlook?  

We use Gmail and so have to download and save to PDF every document that we wish to email.


Surely in this day and age, only having Outlook as an option, is rather outdated.


And the option to be able to use email if you have the Online Product, is just another way of extracting $.


Perhaps, consider being able to use any other email provider besides Outlook would be useful.


Experienced Partner G_I
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I vote for this.

I believe this is actually part of a larger issue - that MYOBs Email sending capabilities simply don't include many features that Outlook offers. This is why i made a suggestion to add a setting to get MYOB to compose the Email in Outlook, but NOT send it (at the moment it composes the email in Outlook and sends it automatically with no way to stop it or change it) - this will allow the user to modify the contents, add attachments, etc.


Here's a link to my suggestion made a while back, although unfortunately it didn't gain any traction:

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone
Thank you for your feedback and comments relating to the idea.
With the release of online emailing for AccountRight 2016 the development of emailing for AccountRight has headed in a different path. This particular idea is something that we might consider in the future but at this stage we are not actively considering or developing. You can find more information into Online Emailing via Set up AccountRight to send emails

Once again thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea.

Experienced Partner G_I
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@Steven_M This makes me very sad. I could rant on about how i believe this is a gigantic mistake providing all my valid concerns and issues with this 'different path'... but I expect it will only fall on deaf ears.