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Email: Ability to set senders email address for Outlook





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the fact that Myob automatically uses Default email account in Outlook is totally wrong move.

Lets say that we have 5 email account in OUTLOOK, default is FRED@ and the one that I need to use for Invoicing is ADMIN@.


I am sending invoice via MYOB that will automatically use FRED@ in my Outlook. Does that make any sense? NO. It does not.

How hard would that be to configure MYOB to be able to set whatever account in my OUTLOOK will be the MYOB account?


I know that your answer is going to be this: You can set default ADMIN@ and when you use OUTLOOK without MYOB, you can choose your account FRED@ manually.

This would be very unproductive and very hard to manage.


The reason why you have to make the feature ,, CHOOSE OUTLOOK EMAIL ACCOUNT,, available is that people can use appropriate outlook email account with different email signatures. 99.99% companies have multiple emails.


Please let me know what you think....:-)

Have a good day



"Outlook Email Default for MYOB"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: April 2015

Hi @FredV,


Thanks for your suggestion. We do see how being able to select which e-mail address from Outlook the AccountRight software should use to e-mail out with would be beneficial for our clients.


Anyone else who would like to see this feature implemented into future releases of the software, please vote for the idea by selecting the '+ VOTE' option next to the subject heading.




Trusted Cover User BYBookkeeping
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@Steven_M I get that MYOB now has an email solution direct from the software......BUT....what happens when I want to know what I wrote in an email?  All it shows me is that I emailed an Invoice.  Not what I wrote!  This needs to be addressed!

AND MYOB needs to make the box contain MORE characters.  It is way too limited in the characters that can be typed.

AND it would be amazing if you could include generic text as a drop down.  I have to cut/paste from a word document depending on what I want to say.

I have to email it to myself and then retype it how and however long I want to the email to be.

Still TOO limiting MYOB. 


MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @BYBookkeeping

Thank you for your feedback.

I would encourage you to show your support for the following ideas on the AccountRight Idea Exchange in relation to the points you have raised:

Experienced Cover User Debz99
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I too would like to have the ability to link different email signatures with different companies.

Loved the fact that I no longer had to 'allow' each email but was shocked to see that one of my other business signatures was now showing on another companys remittances!

Experienced Cover User Debz99
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This makes so much sense for people using MYOB for multiple companies!